High school students can’t vote. 115,000,000 eligible adults won’t vote. We can fix both.

If you’re passionate about an issue but  too young to vote, post a video asking an adult who isn’t voting to vote for you.

Here are the guidelines

  1. Find a quiet place to record it that shows your face nice and bright.
  2. Start by saying something like (feel free to put it in your own words):
    • “I’m too young to vote, so I am looking for an adult who will vote on my behalf”,
    • or “I’m too young to vote. If you’re one of the 115 million Americans who aren’t planning on voting in this election, please consider voting FOR me”.
  3. Imagine you’re speaking to an adult who just told you they aren’t going to vote. Pleading is okay!
  4. Talk about one (or two) issues that mean the most to you, and that would influence how you voted, if only you could!
  5. Try to make it less than a minute.
  6. Speak slowly and clearly. Be yourself.
  7. End by saying “If you’re not using your vote, please vote FOR me.” (This is super important!)
  8. Be nice. We will not share any hate speech.
  9. With your parents’ permission, post it to YouTube using the hashtag #VoteForMe2018. Then post it to all your other social media, also using the hashtag, and tagging @voteforme2018 on FB, Twitter, and Instagram.

And remember: You’re never too young to vote!


If you’re an adult who wasn’t going to vote, and has been influenced by a student video, we want to hear your story. Please send us an email or link to your video.

If you have been inspired by these kids—don’t wait!

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Here’s the first contribution to the movement:

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