The Idea

We’re a small group of creative people who, like many, are disturbed by the current political climate, as well as the fact only half of Americans vote. We’ve been so, so moved and inspired by the Parkland High School survivors, and others like them, who are more engaged and impassioned than we were at that age.

We believe in the power of social change, and think that the simplest of ideas can and do change the world. While seeing Michael Moore’s latest documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 we were struck by a story one of the Parkland kids told. Jaclyn Corin described how an older woman contacted her out of nowhere, and said she’d seen Jaclyn on the news and was inspired by her and wanted to help. She said she was going to cast the very first vote in her life in the next election on behalf of Jaclyn, who was too young to vote.

That is a very simple and powerful idea that could impact elections forever. We’re not a democracy if it isn’t fully practiced and used. And there’s never been a better time to use it.